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10 Practical Hajj Tips to Manage Time & Stress in Hajj Performance

Hajj is one of the five basic pillars of Islam. Last year about 2.5 million pilgrims booked shifting and non-shifting hajj to perform the pilgrimage. To deal with such a huge crowd you need to be physically fit and mentally prepared. Hajj travel tips are as much necessary as learning about Hajj. You can manage through the stress by following the below-mentioned tips:

Avoid Extreme Crowd

The time period for some Hajj rituals is not fixed. They can be performed throughout the day such as stoning at Jamarat. You can do it at any time from the 11th -13th of Dhul Hijjah. You are advised to perform this ritual with the fewer crowds mostly at evening time.

Keep Safe your Goods

In your Hajj performance, you should be fully aware of the pickpocketing. Even the sacred city of Makkah and Madinah is not safe from thieves. You should keep your belongings in your eye especially in a crowded area to avoid any mishap.

Take Some Rest

You can take some rest during your Tawaf and Sa’I. It is totally permissible in our Islam. If you are thinking that you are tired take some rest and continue from where you left.

Be Attentive

Attentiveness is very important at every point during Hajj. You may collide with other pilgrims or wheelchairs in Tawaf or any other ritual if you are not paying attention to Hajj activities.

Don’t Push Others

In about 2.5 million pilgrims you may get pushed by others during Hajj. It doesn’t mean that you should start pushing others. You are not advised to harm anybody by pushing themselves. Don’t be angry with others if they push you and perform your rituals with a cool mind.

Make a Company

You should make a company with your fellows during hajj. This will significantly help you if you are a woman. If you have to walk for a distance walk with them.

Help Others

You should do the maximum of the help of others as you can. If you see anyone missing that you have such as water or any other food or medicine give them and earn great rewards.

Keep Calm

In Hajj crowd and long queues are common. So you are advised to be calm during your Hajj performance.

Don’t Walk in Opposite Direction

I don’t think there is any man or woman who can walk in the opposite direction to such a huge crowd. You are advised to in the same direction as the crowd going. It will save you from any kind of harm.

Maintain Physical Health

Last but not least. You are advised to walk early in the morning before your Hajj journey as you have to walk a long distance on Hajj. Maintain your diet and take Healthy food. Avoid eating street food during your Hajj as it can cause illness that will be a disappointing point.

Next time when you are planning to perform Hajj keeps these tips in your mind to have a successful journey. You are always advised to contact approved Hajj agents because hajj scams are becoming more popular with every coming year.


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